My interest in wildlife started when I was at school. I have been birdwatching for more than 40 years and have been interested in photography for much of that time. My main interest has always been bird photography but I also photograph most other UK wildlife, particularly butterflies, moths, dragonflies and orchids. This has always been a part time interest outside work rather than a professional pursuit. I recently took early retirement so have a bit more time now to pursue my interests.

This website contains a small selection of my digital photographs of UK birds and other wildlife and macro photography, all taken since 2003. Some galleries are not yet complete but archival images and any new photos will be added to the galleries as they are processed. My film based photos might get scanned and added one day, .......perhaps.

I happily used Nikon equipment for many years but now use Canon. Most bird photographs are taken with a 600mm f4 ll or 500mm f4 with many flight shots taken using a 300mm f2.8 ll. Insects and macro photographs are taken using 100mm, 150mm, 180mm and MP-E 65mm macro lenses. I mainly use Canon 1DX Mk2  and 5D Mk4 bodies but now also use a Canon 5DSR, particularly for macro. Older photos were mainly taken with Canon 1Ds, 1Ds Mk ll, 1Ds Mk lll, 1D4, 1DX and 5D Mk3 bodies.

All images are protected by copyright and may not be used in any form without my prior permission. I am happy to provide images free of charge to wildlife and conservation trusts and charitable organisations but fees are payable for any commercial use. High resolution digital files can be provided for publication or commercial use. Please contact me for further information.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone regarding my photographs or anything else related to wildlife and photography.