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Iain H Leach Bird & Wildlife Photography
Many thanks for comments
Amazing images :)
Brett Blackbourn(non-registered)
Hey Iain, I hope everything is ok with you all! =)

I just thought I would pop by and see how things are going on the website since it was created, everything looking nice and clean, along with some epic new additional photos you have taken.

Keep up the great photography Iain and enjoy your retirement =)

All the Best
Gérard Glaize(non-registered)
I just found your site, and your outstanding pictures. I admire your photos of birds in particular. Congratulations for your work.
Best regard,
Iain H Leach Bird & Wildlife Photography
many thanks Mark. I used Nikon for 30 years and only switched to Canon when I went digital because Canon had a bit of a lead at that point (2003). Nikon has some superb gear and I would happily use Nikon again now - there is nothing to choose between Nikon and Canon IMHO.
Iain H Leach Bird & Wildlife Photography
Many thanks all for previous comments, thanks to Di, David, Steve and Mike.
Mark Hope(non-registered)
Brilliant photographs! I'm afraid I'm stuck with Nikon gear - wish I'd seen efforts like yours before I bought it! I know next to nothing about photography but I've been suspecting for some time now that Canon has a definite edge. Your photos seem to confirm that!

All the best.
Di Stone(non-registered)
A stunning collection of wonderful photographs Iain. Something to aspire too that's for sure.
David Newby Images
Superb images Ian. Work of the very highest standard
Steve Nesbitt(non-registered)
I don't get to look at your website as often as I should but when I do call in mate I am blown away by your images, your standard is my aim, keep up the great work mate, regards Steve ;)
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